Virtual Number

A virtual Number is also a telephone number cannot directly associate with a telephone line. Calls are forwarding through Virtual Number are stored and monitored for customers Feedback and Satisfaction.

Toll Free Number

Toll-Free Number which can be dialed across the world with free of cost. The business that owns the toll-free number has to solve the customer's problem through Phone


Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a technology with prerecorded and dynamically generated audio to interact with customers. It uses Dual-tone multifrequency (DTMF) method to get input via keypad.

Missed Call

A Missed call solution is the efficient and easiest way to communicate with the customers. Once customers give a missed call, our server immediately responds through SMS.

Call Recording

Call Recordings are used to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the customer by listening to their calls. Recording customer calls to measure the effectiveness of customer calls, train employees and improve your sales strategy.

Voice Mail

Voicemail systems are designed to send caller's recorded an audio message to a recipient. Voicemail is a computerized system that records and stores incoming messages, enabling playback of the messages from the same phone number or from another telephone.


Artificial intelligence (AI) is a branch of computer science, that emphasizes the creation of intelligent machines that work and think like humans.

Voice Biomentric

Voice Biometrics is the technology used to extract personal voice patterns and verify speaker identity using just voice. When you speak, your voice contains many levels of information. ... This information can be automatically retrieved using ASR technologies (Automatic Speech Recognition).

Text to Speech

Text to Speech is also called speech synthesis, that converts input text into spoken voice output.

Chat Bot

A chatbot is an artificial intelligence (AI) program that simulates interactive human conversation by using key pre-calculated user phrases and auditory or text-based signals.


We can communicate the customer with more than one Language.